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Discover Museums in Swabia

Whether you are interested in agriculture, art, or ancient Romans, whether you'd like to float weightlessly across the sky in a hot air balloon or hike through the Nördlinger Ries: these are the highlights from Augsburg to Füssen and from the Allgäu to the Swabian Alb that you certainly should not miss!

Inspiration and Tips for Your Visit to Swabia

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Current Exhibitions in Swabia

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The Oldest Social Housing Estate in the World

The Fuggerei in Augsburg celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2021. Jakob Fugger "the Rich" founded the terraced housing estate for the needy in 1521. 150 Augsburg citizens still live in the 140 flats of the 67 houses today. Paying only an annual (cold) rent of 0.88 euros, it is mandatory for them to say the Lord's Prayer, a confession of faith and a Hail Mary for the founder and the Fugger family once a day. Until now, the social housing estate is still maintained from Jakob Fugger's foundation assets.

© Fuggerei

Museums in Swabia

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Family Museums in the Allgäu

The 17 “Family Museums in the Allgäu” design their exhibitions to be particularly family-friendly. The network includes city, art, open-air and specialist museums such as the Deutsches Hutmuseum (German Hat Museum), whose director we met.

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