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Exhibition Munich Imperial Castle

In the late-Gothic vaulted cellar of the Old Court, the exhibition on the Munich Imperial Castle provides information about the city's oldest seat of power, its most prominent landlord Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, and the city's history.

Admission is free.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays

Access via the Infopoint Museums & Palaces in Bavaria:
Alter Hof 1
80331 Munich

Film Screenings

Ludwig the Bavarian and the Alter Hof (Old Court)

The multimedia presentation Ludwig the Bavarian and the Old Court in the large vaulted hall offers a glimpse into the life of the medieval Emperor and tells the legend of the Monkey Tower.

  • 7-minute show
  • German version plays at every full hour
  • English version available upon request at the front desk

Court and City

In the adjacent room, the 12-minute film Court and City: The Development of Munich Under the Influence of the Wittelsbach Dynasty is played on loop. For acoustic reasons, the film pauses for the multimedia show (7 min) and continues when the show is over.

  •  Visitors can restart the film (in English or German) by pressing a button on the right-side wall.

The Power of the Empire: Ludwig the Bavarian and the Old Court

Dive into the rich history of the Old Court through an engaging multimedia presentation and see the legacy of Emperor Ludwig IV, also known as Ludwig the Bavarian, unfold. Discover the intrigues of medieval power struggles as rival kings and popes contested the Emperor's authority – all set within the atmospheric backdrop of this historic site.

Various artefacts are displayed and provide a tangible link to the past, offering visitors a glimpse into the vibrant stories of the Middle Ages.

© Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern, Foto: Anna-Lena Zintel

Do Not Miss

  • Immersive audio installations transport you back in time with the sounds of music, hammering, and even squeaking!
  • The holographic representation of the iconic lidded goblet from the Old Court offers a captivating glimpse into the craftsmanship of the era
  • A fascinating cross-section of the castle wall, dating back to around 1200 AD, mirrors the construction of the medieval town wall and provides invaluable insights into the architectural history of the site

History of the Court and City: Munich and its City Walls

Blick in die Ausstellung Münchner Kaiserburg. © Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern, Foto: M. Forstner

Experience Munich's captivating history unfold on film, from its origins to the end of the Bavarian Kingdom in 1918.

In the vaulted cellar, discover the oldest castle wall dating back to the late 12th century — a testament to Munich's early architectural prowess. Learn how landmarks like the Peterskirche and the Frauenkirche once defined the city's medieval boundaries, with Marienplatz as its bustling centre.

The film showcases Munich's growth beyond its medieval confines, including the construction of a second city wall. Parts of this wall are still visible today at Isartor, Sendlinger Tor, and Karlstor.

Golden Bull and the City's Coat of Arms

The exhibition presents captivating artefacts such as old city views, medals, and seals. Among these treasures are replicas of the Golden Bull passed by Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, as well as coins and medals from his era and those commemorating him after his reign.

Furthermore, visitors can trace the evolution of Munich's coat of arms. "From Monk to Münchner Kindl" as depicted on the various artifacts. Additionally, a myriad of coins and medals pay homage to the city's architectural marvels, individual landmarks, and monuments, offering a rich introduction to Munich's cultural heritage.

Impressions from the Exhibition