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Discover Museums in Franconia

Off to Franconia! Located between forests, water, and wine, this scenic region holds many exciting museums. A plethora of cultural and technological topics await. Be it on a city trip to Nuremberg, Würzburg, or Bamberg or during a tour through the picturesque Fichtel Mountains and Franconian Switzerland, you're sure to find your own favourite museum here!

Inspiration and Tips for Your Visit to Franconia

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Current Exhibitions in Franconia

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Hops and Malt

Wheat beer, Pilsner or the famous smoke beer in the historic Schlenkerla? In Bamberg you have the choice...

This world heritage city is a stronghold of hops. Hardly anywhere else will you find this density of breweries, beer museums, rustic pubs and summer cellar gardens as in this adorable Upper Franconian medieval city.

Eine stadttypische Seitenstraße in Bamberg mit charakteristischen Fachwerkhäusern
© – Dietmar Denger

Museums in Franconia

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"Culture & Pleasure" Museums in Franconia

Culture and pleasure are one and the same in Franconia. Visitors can discover the culinary treasures of this region in a network of twelve different museums. We took a look around the Mönchshof in Kulmbach.

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