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World Culture Museums

There's more beyond the horizon: the Bavarian museums are not limited to local topics and take you much further afield to Papua New Guinea, Japan, or ancient Egypt! Come along on a journey to the Museum Fünf Kontinente (Museum Five Continents), the South Sea Collection, or the Knaufmuseum in Iphofen and be ready for some fresh experiences ...

World Culture Exhibitions

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South Sea Meets Allgäu

In the early 20th century, on his return from the Southern Pacific, Captain Karl Nauer brought shell money, masks, and two precious beetle wing necklaces to the Allgäu. You can admire these works of art in the South Sea Collection. The Obergünzburg Museum provides exciting insights into the cultures of Melanesia and Micronesia. The South Seas Collection has also committed itself to contemporary provenance research in order to specifically analyse German colonial history.

Maske aus der Südsee-Sammlung Obergünzburg
© - Florian Trykowski

World Culture Museums

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