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Würzburg is where medieval bishops resided and x-rays were discovered. Now this fine city greets its visitors with a multitude of fascinating museums. Medical sciences, arts, and architecture are ready for you to explore.

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Röntgen Memorial: Unveiling the Legacy of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a trailblazing physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, forever transformed the field of medicine. In 1895, within the confines of his laboratory in Würzburg, Röntgen made the groundbreaking discovery of X-rays, a scientific marvel later named in his honor. You can explore the captivating world of this renowned scientist within the present-day Röntgen-Gedächtnisstätte (Röntgen Memorial).

Born in 1845 to a cloth manufacturer in Lennep near Remscheid, Röntgen's journey led him to work as an assistant and later as a professor of physics and head of the Institute of Physics at the Julius Maximilian University in Würzburg from 1870 to 1872. In recognition of his contributions, Röntgen was awarded the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901. He passed away on February 10, 1923, with his final resting place in Giessen. Today, Röntgen's laboratory in Würzburg stands as a museum, offering visitors a glimpse into the life and work of this pioneering scientist.

Röntgenaufnahme einer Hand
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Museums in Würzburg

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