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Museum am Dom Würzburg (Museum at the Cathedral Würzburg)

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Opening Times
Open today 12:00-17:00
97070 Würzburg

A medieval crucifix by Tillmann Riemenschneider next to modern works by Otto Dix, Andy Warhol or Joseph Beuys? The Museum am Dom Würzburg (Museum at the Cathedral Würzburg) proves how well this can harmonise. It is not the date of origin, but the content depicted and the artists' intentions that determine the composition of the works here. This gives traditional Christian themes such as the crucifixion, resurrection, depictions of the Virgin Mary and saints a whole new dynamic. Sometimes soft and subtle, sometimes powerful and drastic, the works of art captivate visitors in their interaction and juxtaposition and confront them with the same questions about life, suffering and death that have been asked for centuries. The works on display range from the 10th to the 21st century, from graphic art to painting, from sculpture to installation.

Last edited on 08.02.2024

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