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Archaeological Museums

Archaeological discoveries bear witness to the history of human settlement in Bavaria, spanning over 100,000 years. Our ancestors left their remnants in the ground, ranging from Palaeolithic hand axes to Roman country houses, medieval settlements, and remnants from more recent times.

Inspiration and Tips for Archaeological Museums

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Romans, Greeks, Etruscans and Celts - 7 museums in Bavaria have come together to form the "Antiquity in Bavaria" network.

Archaeological Exhibitions

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The Fascination of Archaeology

The Linear Pottery culture were the first people to settle in Bavaria around 7,000 years ago, practising agriculture and building houses. There is a small museum in Schwanfeld focussing precisely on this period and in Landau the story of "Lisar" ist told, a Neolithic woman who also lived during that time.

"Lisar" - Rekonstruktion einer Frau aus der Jungsteinzeit © Christof Flügel

Archaeological Museums

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