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Cultural History Museums

What would Bavaria be without its motor vehicles, its beer, its taverns, and monastic libraries — its culture and its cosiness? We'll show you where you'll find interesting facts about cars, hops, herbal liqueurs, carp farming, and Richard Wagner's world-famous operas. Let us inspire you!

Inspiration and Tips for Cultural History Museums

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| Blog: Open-air museums in Bavaria

Discover the charm of Bavaria's open-air museums, where tradition comes alive. Experience rural life, ancient crafts, and seasonal festivities amidst historical settings.

Cultural History Exhibitions

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Twilight of the Gods

Once every year, Bayreuth becomes the centre of attention: The Bayreuth Festival, from July 24th to August 27th, 2024, will feature Richard Wagner's world-famous operas, including Rheingold, Tannhäuser, and Parsifal. Haus Wahnfried, Wagner's place of work and private villa, is now part of an innovative museum concept.

Nationalarchiv der Richard-Wagner-Stiftung, Bayreuth © Nationalarchiv der Richard-Wagner-Stiftung, Bayreuth - Thomas Köhler

Cultural History Museums

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