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Open-Air and Agricultural Museums

Craving some fresh air? Bavaria's open-air and agricultural museums have it in abundance... As you wander along fields and orchards, you'll come across historical farm gardens and other rural structures, inviting both the young and old to take a captivating journey back in time.

Inspiration and Tips for Open-Air and Agricultural Museums

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Exhibitions in Open-Air and Agricultural Museums

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Experience Life as it Once Was

Engage in creatively crafted activity days that embrace the changing seasons—from Easter egg hunts to the traditional Mill Day and festive Christmas markets. Open-air museums stand out as ideal excursion destinations, especially for families with children. These museums showcase old crafts and folk music, providing opportunities for both young and old to try their hand at activities such as felting, coloring, pottery, yodeling, baking, churning butter, or simply savoring traditional dishes.

Tanzende Kinder in festlicher Tracht
© - Peter von Felbert
Zwei Männer beim Schärfen von Sensen
© - Florian Trykowski
Die Hände einer Frau beim Zubereiten grüner Bohnen
© - Florian Trykowski
Der Kopf eines Schafes, das genüsslich hinterm Ohr gekrault wird
© - Florian Trykowski
Idyllische Aufnahme eines historischen Bauernhauses an einem Weiher
© - Florian Trykowski

Open-Air and Agricultural Museums

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Open-Air Museums: Looking Back to the Future

Each of the six "open-air museums in Bavaria" has its own regional charm. We visited the Freilandmuseum Oberpfalz (Open Air Museum Upper Palatinate) and spoke to its director Tobias Hammerl.