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Castles, Palaces and Gardens

Fairytale castles, fortresses, and baroque gardens beckon you to wander through the residences and parks of Bavarian kings, princesses, and electoral princes. While the Neuschwanstein Castle undoubtedly stands out as King Ludwig's most famous creation, there is an abundance of additional splendour waiting to be explored ...

Inspiration and Tips for Castles, Palaces and Gardens

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Exhibitions in Castles, Palaces and Gardens

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King Ludwig's Fairytale Castles

"I want to remain an eternal enigma to myself and others," wrote King Ludwig II about himself. The visionary, technology fan, and admirer of the world-famous composer Richard Wagner immortalised himself with his Bavarian dream castles - with Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof and, of course, Neuschwanstein, he created "poetic havens" where he could escape from everyday life ...

Schloss Neuschwanstein eingebettet in einer beeindruckenden Berglandschaft
© - Tobias Gerber
Wasserspielen im Schlosspark Herrenchiemsee
© - Peter von Felbert
Veronika Endlicher, Kastellanin, Schloss Herrenchiemsee
© - Peter von Felbert
Erhöhter Blick auf das Schloss Linderhof im Sommer; ein Brunnen plätschert im Vordergrund während sich im Hintergrund ein Berg mit üppiger Waldlandschaft erhebt
© - Gert Krautbauer

Castles, Palaces and Gardens

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The Middle Ages and Renaissance at Castles: Off to the Middle Ages!

The five castles incorporated in the network entitled “Mittelalter und Renaissance auf Burgen” offer exciting exhibitions, in addition to old halls and thick walls. Some have been specially designed for families. We interviewed the director of Passau’s Oberhausmuseum on this subject.