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Porzellanikon Hohenberg (State Museum for Porcelain Hohenberg)

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Opening Times
Open today 10:00-17:00
Schirndinger Straße 48
95691 Hohenberg

Over 300 years of tradition and at the same time highly topical: porcelain is more aesthetic than almost any other product. It reveals a lot about the lifestyles of different times, about their table and dining cultures. All these fascinating facets are staged with a great deal of knowledge and passion at the two locations of the Porzellanikon - State Museum of Porcelain. The Porzellanikon's parent building in the former director's villa of the family-owned company C. M. Hutschenreuther shows the path of German porcelain history from the beginning of the 18th century to the political turnaround in 1989. Scenographies provide insight into the cultural history of the products, while audiovisual and interactive media invite visitors to marvel and experience more.

Last edited on 13.06.2024

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