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Leonhardi-Museum Aigen (Leonhardi Museum Aigen)

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Only by appointment
Penninger Weg 7
94072 Bad Füssing

The Leonhardi-Museum Aigen (Leonhardi Museum Aigen) documents the history and development of the Leonhard pilgrimage in Aigen, embedded in the entire complex of Leonhard worship originating in France. Its beginnings lie in France in the 11th century, and the first Leonhard churches were built in Bavaria in the 12th century. Over 200 votive and sacrificial offerings made of iron, wax, silver and wood, including iron figures in human and animal form from the 11th and 12th centuries, have been preserved in Aigen. A special feature are the heavy iron Leonhardi blocks, which were "protected" (lifted) by the boys on the saint's feast day, 6 November. The most famous are the "Würdinger" on display here.

Last edited on 26.10.2023

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