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Naturkundemuseum und Kinder-Museum Lindenhof (Natural History Museum and Children's Museum Lindenhof)

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Free entry.
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Opening Times
Open today 09:00-12:00
Karolinenreuther Straße 58
95448 Bayreuth

The natural history museum of the Landesbund für Vogelschutz in the Lindenhof shows the characteristic habitats of northern Bavaria with their typical flora and fauna. Starting from the original forest, it illustrates how man has changed the landscape over the centuries. In addition to landscape-ecological contexts, nature conservation and species protection goals are also presented.

In the children's museum, nature can be experienced up close under the motto "Experience and understand the forest". A climbing tree, a badger's burrow, an animal voice telephone and the animals of the forest invite visitors to explore nature. In spring, birds can be observed live raising their young via four nesting box cameras.

Last edited on 26.10.2023

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