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Ehemalige Synagoge Ichenhausen - Haus der Begegnung (Former synagogue Ichenhausen - House of encounter)

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Opening Times
Today only open by appointment
Vordere Ostergasse 22
89335 Ichenhausen

The synagogue in Ichenhausen, newly built in 1781 in early classicist style, was the religious centre of the largest Jewish rural community in Bavaria in the 19th century as the seat of a state chief rabbi. In 1938 the synagogue was vandalised and turned into a storage room, and in 1942/43 the last remaining Jews in Ichenhausen were deported to Auschwitz. After restoration work, the synagogue was reopened in the 1980s as the "House of Encounter". It houses a permanent exhibition on the history of the Jewish community of Ichenhausen from its beginnings around 1541 until its extermination by the Nazi regime. The ritual immersion bath (mikveh) in the basement as well as the Jewish cemetery on the southern outskirts of the town with about 900 still preserved gravestones and a tahara house (purification hall) can also be visited during Sunday openings.

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