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Üblacker Häusl

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Preysingstr. 58
81667 München

The Üblacker Häusl (Üblacker Häusl) is a small hostel property on the corner of Preysing- and Wolfgangstraße in Haidhausen. The single-storey day labourer's house with once two hostels (a predecessor of the condominium) was built of bricks at the end of the 18th century on the edge of a small gravel pit that is still recognisable today. It was one of around 150 wooden or stone houses in Haidhausen that had more than one hostel. Most of them had to make way for high-rise apartment buildings between 1890 and 1960 or were destroyed during World War II.In 1980, the former hostel property was reopened and now houses two small museum rooms as a department of the City Museum and an exhibition room on the ground floor.

Last edited on 04.06.2024

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Exhibition: Ian Zak

10.07.2024 - 11.08.2024

Üblacker Häusl ,

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