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Audi museum mobile (Audi museum mobile)

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Opening Times
Open today 09:00-17:00
Audi Forum Ingolstadt
85045 Ingolstadt

The "Treasures from Neckarsulm" - eleven automobiles and five motorbikes - permanently travel on a paternoster through all three levels of the museum mobile, which already lives up to its name. But mobility is also the focus of the exhibition in other ways. More than 100 cars and two-wheelers document the entire range of vehicle production by Audi and its predecessor companies from 1899 onwards: cars by Horch, motorbikes by DKW, sports cars by Audi or a legendary Silver Arrow.The journey through the company's history is also a look back at the 20th century, which not only deals with the history of technology but also sheds light on the economic and social conditions of the time.

Last edited on 26.10.2023

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