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"Stifter und der Wald" - Museum in the Rosenberg Estate

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Opening Times
Today only open by appointment
Lackenhäuser 146
94089 Neureichenau

"My whole soul is attached to this area", wrote Adalbert Stifter to his friend Franz Xaver Rosenberger in 1865. The poet and painter (1805-1868) spent a lot of time on Rosenberger's estate in Lackenhäuser near Neureichenau. Today, a museum at this historic site commemorates the "Poet of the Bohemian Forest": his life and his literary and painterly work. Here, visitors can not only immerse themselves in Stifter's work, but can even watch his handwritten texts being created via touchscreen - in the exact place where they were written.

Last edited on 12.12.2023

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