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Kunstschiff Arte Noah (Art ship Arte Noah)

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Kulturhafen, Oskar-Laredo-Platz 1 (hinter dem Kulturspeicher)
97080 Würzburg

The Kunstverein Würzburg has been showing contemporary art of supra-regional significance four times a year since 1989. A 100-year-old former barge has been the ARTE NOAH gallery ship since 1997. The contrast between the historic hull with rivets, wood and windlass on the outside and the art inside, which makes statements about our present, is particularly appealing. Two giraffe silouettes can be seen from afar, alluding to the name: An Ark for ART, for art. In the context of the cultural harbour around the Kulturspeicher Würzburg, it is a gem in the exhibition landscape of Würzburg, Bavaria and beyond that is well worth discovering.

Last edited on 22.05.2024

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