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Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Spirit Church)

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Free entry.
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Heilig-Geist-Gasse 394
84028 Landshut

With its light-filled church interior, Landshut's Heiliggeistkirche is without doubt one of the most magnificent late Gothic interior creations in Old Bavaria. Following extensive refurbishment in 1998, the church is now used as a space for temporary exhibitions. The exhibitions in the Heiliggeistkirche are diverse and include both epochal dialogues and site-specific installations by regional artists. The interaction between the space and the artefacts presented from the past and present creates a unique effect that captivates visitors.

Last edited on 21.06.2024

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Exhibition: Kühlewein

18.05.2024 - 08.09.2024

Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Spirit Church) ,

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