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Burg Prunn (Prunn castle)

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Open today 09:00-18:00 only during guided tours

93339 Riedenburg

Prunn castle (Prunn castle) stands like the ideal image of a knight's castle on a vertical rock high above the Altmühl river valley - and indeed it dates from around 1200, the heyday of castle building. However, the castle as it stands today is the result of numerous extensions and alterations up to the 18th century. The oldest components from Romanesque times are the keep and the foundations of the Palas (banqueting hall). In late Gothic times, Burg Prunn (Prunn castle) experienced a second heyday. This is also documented by the discovery of a manuscript of the Song of the Nibelungs ("Prunn Codex"), which is now in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library) in Munich. The gate building was built from 1604 onwards as a palace-like, residential extension. The Jesuits of Ingolstadt initiated the last significant structural measure: the baroqueisation of the castle chapel.Inside, the historically furnished rooms, some with medieval frescoes, can be visited. Themed rooms link motifs from the Song of the Nibelungs with the history of the castle and the lives of its inhabitants, e.g. hunting, clothing, law and the role of women in the Middle Ages.

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