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Discover the Middle Ages and Renaissance at Bavarian Castles!

Fierce dragons, brave knights, art-boasting princes, and ground-breaking inventions — what were the Middle Ages really like? The splendid hilltop castles above the towns of Burghausen, Coburg, Landshut, Passau and Würzburg let you experience how people lived, suffered, and defended themselves in the past. You can also simply enjoy the beautiful view and architecture.

A Journey to the Past: Experience Everyday Life at the Castles

What was life like in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? Slip into a knight's armour, try your luck at jousting, or go on a journey through time in old masonries and mysterious chambers.

A variety of events bring the heyday of knights and noblemen back to life and provide unique insights into everyday life at the castles. Historical figures such as Martin Luther take you on themed tours to explore their history.

Zwei Kinder tragen Ritterhelme und an den Händen Teile einer Ritterrüstung. sie knien im Rittersaal des Oberhausmuseums vor einem Korb.
Rittersaal im Oberhausmuseum © Manfred Rauscher
Eine Reihe von Personen in historischer Kostümierung im Außenbereich der Burganlage.
Burgspektakel auf der Veste Oberhaus © Manfred Rauscher
Zwei Kinder von hinten an einer Medienstation.
Shine as a knight in shining armour at the Stadtmuseum Burghausen (Burghausen City Museum) © Stadtmusuem Burghausen
Oberer Teil einer Ritterrüstung.
Ritterrüstung im Stadtmuseum Burghausen © - Florian Trykowski
Historischer Kutschenwagen mit üppigen Verzierungen
So reisten die Adelsleute - stilecht per Kutsche © Veste Coburg
Ein als Martin Luther verkleideter Schauspieler führt eine Gruppe durch die Veste Coburg
Mit Martin Luther per Du auf der Veste Coburg © Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg

Arts and Curiosities from Different Times

Ein Krokodil, dass von der Decke hängt.
Kunst- und Wunderkammer Burg Trausnitz © - Florian Trykowski
Reichlich verziertes Goldobjekt
Burg Trausnitz © - Florian Trykowski
Kunstvoll verziertes Glas
Dem kunstvoll verzierten Hedwigsbecher wurden einst heilende Kräfte zugesprochen, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg © Dieter Ertel

Strange, mystical, wondrous things, and items steeped in history — nobles of the past collected all kinds of rarities.

From a delicately carved plum stone to the horn of a unicorn, miracle-working water glasses, and a floating crocodile — these aren't props from a fantasy movie but part of the art collections of Bavarian princes. Collecting these precious treasures was a tradition that visitors still marvel at today. Works by famous artists such as Riemenschneider, Cranach, or Tiepolo, miracles carved in glass, and fascinating historical weapon collections are waiting to be discovered.

Exhibitions at Bavarian Castles

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Highlights from the Castles

Off to the Middle Ages! (external link, opens in a new window)

The five castles incorporated in the network entitled “Mittelalter und Renaissance auf Burgen” offer exciting exhibitions, in addition to old halls and thick walls. Some have been specially designed for families. We interviewed the director of Passau’s “Oberhausmuseum” on this subject.

Museums in Bavarian Castles

Impressions of Bavarian Castles