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Lisa Endriß - Klaus Effern

23.06.2024 - 11.08.2024 ,
Städtische Galerie Cordonhaus (Cordonhaus Municipal Gallery)

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Free entry.
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Open today 14:00-17:00
Propsteistraße 46
93413 Cham

In painting and sculpture, "Artenvielfalt" celebrates the stimulating dialogue between two current artistic positions. While the sculptor Klaus Effern tames the material, the painter Lisa Endriß draws her inspiration from the daily flood of images and information. Both are interested in people and animals, men and women in all their oddities. - "Biodiversity" is an ode to the living.

Last edited on 12.06.2024

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Associated museum

Museum / Exhibition Centre: Städtische Galerie Cordonhaus (Cordonhaus Municipal Gallery)

The historic Cordonhaus was once a tithe barn of the Reichenbach provostry and was used to house soldiers during the French Revolutionary Wars (French: "cordon" = chain of posts). In changing...

Location: Cham