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Heinz Kreutz: Frankfurt, Paris, Penzberg

23.03.2024 - 23.06.2024 ,
Museum Penzberg – Sammlung Campendonk (Museum Penzberg - Campendonk Collection)

Special features:

Painter Heinz Kreutz (1923-2016) is best known for his neo-expressionist and informal paintings and drawings.

Throughout his life, Kreutz repeatedly changed his own technique and form of expression.
In this way, he developed a multifaceted oeuvre that references a wide range of role models, from Rubens to Goethe and Schopenhauer.

As a young man, Heinz Kreutz spent two years in the hospital after a short period of military service in Stalingrad. Through small cigarette pictures, he learnt about modern art, which was ostracised by the Nazis. Kreutz found consolation in the paintings of Monet, Kandinsky and Cézanne. After the war, Kreutz devoted himself to creating his own paintings. After a youth marked by horror, he succeeded in making a name for himself with his colourful works.

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Museum / Exhibition Centre: Museum Penzberg – Sammlung Campendonk (Museum Penzberg - Campendonk Collection)

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Location: Penzberg