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Maria Lassnig

The Klewan Collection

27.04.2024 - 28.07.2024 ,
Museum Moderner Kunst Wörlen Passau (Museum of Modern Art Wörlen Passau)

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Open today 10:00-18:00
Bräugasse 17
94032 Passau

Maria Lassnig (1919-2014) is one of the most important contemporary artists. Her main subject matter is self-portraits, which also depict her appearance, but her artistic focus is on translating her perception of her body into images. Lassnig also assigns the colours according to her perception: "The forehead is given a thought colour, the nose a smell colour, arms and legs a flesh colour; there are pain colours and agony colours, pressure and fullness colours, stretching and pressing colours, [...] - they are all reality colours."

All exhibits are on loan from the collection of Helmut Klewan, who showed the first Lassnig exhibition in Germany at his Munich gallery in 1981.

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Museum / Exhibition Centre: Museum Moderner Kunst Wörlen Passau (Museum of Modern Art Wörlen Passau)

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