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Teeny Tiny

Miniatures exhibition

24.11.2023 - 18.02.2024 ,
Museum Mitterteich (Porcelain, Glass and Handicrafts Museum)

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partly accessible
Opening Times
Open today 09:00-17:00
Tirschenreuther Straße 10
95666 Mitterteich

In the Christmas exhibition entitled "Klitzeklein" (teeny tiny), visitors can see around 2,000 miniature objects. They include wooden miniature toys from the First and Second World Wars, special features from the 1920s to 1940s such as locomotives, a snow plough, a camper van, a motorbike with a wooden carburettor, jet-powered racing cars and much more.

Last edited on 25.04.2024

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Associated museum

Museum / Exhibition Centre: Museum Mitterteich (Porcelain, Glass and Handicrafts Museum)

More than 110 years of porcelain production in Mitterteich should not be forgotten. A museum has been set up in the former porcelain factory, and the former production rooms and machines now vividly...

Location: Mitterteich