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Tinkering geniuses

Ingenious inventions, exciting tinkering and crazy brainstorms!

13.05.2023 - 07.01.2024 ,
Kindermuseum München (Children's Museum Munich)

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Opening Times
Open today 14:00-17:00
Arnulfstraße 3
80335 München

Bicycles, trampolines, cars, jeans, skateboards, candyfloss - all of this and everything around us - except nature - had to be invented first! But by whom actually? And why? And which was the world's first invention?

Take an exciting journey into the world of inventions and get to know the people behind the many ideas. Some geniuses urgently needed something that didn't yet exist and suddenly had a flash of inspiration! Some inventions took a long time to fiddle with, some were a mishap, others a coincidence.

When was the first wheel, when was the first car? Who built the first telescope and how did it work? Who invented paper, who printed the first book? Why were people afraid of the first steam locomotive? How did people use the telephone in the past? And did the first computer look like it does today?

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Museum / Exhibition Centre: Kindermuseum München (Children's Museum Munich)

The Children's Museum moves to Messestadt West in 2024.The Munich Children's Museum is a house for all children and their families, inviting everyone to join in, play, do arts and crafts, try things...

Location: München