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Concrete Diffusion

Christian Pilz and Daniel Schubert

08.06.2024 - 28.07.2024 ,
Kallmann-Museum Ismaning (Kallmann Museum Ismaning)

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Opening Times
Open today 14:30-17:00
Schloßstraße 3b
85737 Ismaning

On Friday, 7 June at 7 pm, the Kallmann Museum, in cooperation with the Galerie im Schlosspavillon, will open the exhibition "Concrete Diffusion" with works by the Berlin draughtsman Christian Pilz and the Düsseldorf painter Daniel Schubert. The two artists are currently living in the Wasserschlösschen as scholarship holders of the municipality of Ismaning, where they live and work for six months in the tranquillity of nature.

The title of the exhibition "Concrete Diffusion" refers on the one hand to the two artists' preoccupation with the creative means of painting and drawing in the tradition of concrete art, i.e. with colour, line, form and structure. On the other hand, it highlights the intrinsic life of colour materials, lines and surfaces, which, in a figurative sense, expand of their own accord, distribute themselves evenly and form uniform structures in the works on display, despite their diversity.

For the exhibition in Ismaning, he is transferring the principle of the labyrinthine, in which our gaze gets lost, to a large scale in the outdoor space for the first time, where he is creating a walk-in drawing on the lawn in front of the pavilion.

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Museum / Exhibition Centre: Kallmann-Museum Ismaning (Kallmann Museum Ismaning)

The museum, idyllically situated in the old castle park of Ismaning, is dedicated to the painter Hans Jürgen Kallmann (1908-1991), who became famous above all for his psychologically sensitive...

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