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700 years of town elevation

700 years ago, the village of Ebermannstadt was elevated to the status of a town in 1323. This special exhibition shows how this came about and what the consequences were.

18.06.2023 - 07.01.2024 ,
Heimatmuseum Ebermannstadt (Museum of local history Ebermannstadt)

After the Battle of Mühldorf am Inn in 1322, in which Ludwig the Bavarian from the House of Wittelsbach defeated his Habsburg opponent Frederick the Fair, the king thanked his imperial standard bearer Konrad von Schlüsselberg by, among other things, elevating the village of Ebermannstadt to the status of a town. This was done on 9 October 1323 by King Ludwig IV in Donauwörth. The elevation of the village to the status of a town gave the citizens, among other things, the right to hold markets and brew beer, and the obligation to build a fortification around the town.

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Museum / Exhibition Centre: Heimatmuseum Ebermannstadt (Museum of local history Ebermannstadt)

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