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The Greatest Story Ever Worn - 150 Years of Jeans

20.05.2023 - 18.02.2024 ,
Geburtshaus Levi Strauss Museum (Birthplace Levi Strauss Museum)

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Today only open by appointment
Marktstraße 31-33
96155 Buttenheim

The special exhibition takes you on a journey through the history of this special garment - from the gold rush camps of California to the cinema screens and catwalks of the fashion metropolises. The legendary blue trousers were never a garment like any other, they always embodied an attitude to life. The jeans accompanied the women's rights movement, the gay rights movement, various youth cultures and the American civil rights movement. In the former Eastern Bloc, they were considered an object of desire and a political statement. In the meantime, they have established themselves as a fashionable item of clothing in all social classes. And the blue trousers have always remained one thing above all: authentic.

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Museum / Exhibition Centre: Geburtshaus Levi Strauss Museum (Birthplace Levi Strauss Museum)

The museum, which has won several international awards for its multimedia presentation technology, is located in the Birthplace Levi Strauss Museum (Geburtshaus Levi Strauss Museum), a half-timbered...

Location: Buttenheim