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Experience Sustainability at the NAWAREUM


Experience Sustainability at the NAWAREUM Sustainability means consuming only as much as can be replenished in the same time frame. While it sounds simple, we know from everyday life that living sustainably is not easy! We want to halt climate change, preserve habitats and biodiversity, and enable future generations to live in prosperity and peace – but how can we achieve all of this? The NAWAREUM in Straubing is here with ideas on how we can shape our future sustainably!

Introducing the NAWAREUM in Straubing

Eine Frau steht vor einer hohen Wand die komplett behangen ist mit großformatigen Bildern in weißen Rahmen. In den Bildern befinden sich unterschiedliche gepresste Pflanzenarten.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger

The NAWAREUM is a hands-on museum for all ages that invites its guests to immerse themselves in the topic of sustainability with fun and experimentation. A colourful mix of nature and technology, works of art and games, knowledge and inspiration awaits the public. In addition to the exhibition, the NAWAREUM experience also includes the building itself, which provides inspiration for sustainable construction, and the surrounding garden, where you can experience renewable raw materials with all your senses.

Eine Frau im Rollstuhl befindet sich in einem strukturierten grünen Ausstellungsbereich und hört an einer Hörstation. Im Hintergrund stehen ein Mann und ein Junge, der Mann lauscht ebenfalls der Hörstation.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger

On three floors, the permanent exhibition covers a wide range of topics such as climate change, plants, nutrition, renewable raw materials and renewable energies. Touching, trying out and exchanging ideas is expressly encouraged here. There are hands-on stations, a walk-in plant cell, interactive play tables and, as a highlight, a wooden slide in the centre of the building invites visitors to enjoy a fast-paced slide.

Fünf Kinder stehen um eine große interaktive, gemalte Karte herum und deuten auf verschiedene Punkte auf der Karte.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger
Eine Mädchen rutscht freudig eine Rutsche hinunter und reißt dabei freudig die Arme in die Höhe.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger
Ein Mann steht von einer beleuchteten Ausstellungswand und betrachtet mehrere gerahmte Steine.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger

The exhibition is designed for adults and children aged 12 and over. A series of separate stations, labelled with a small diamond, are specially designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12. All exhibition texts are available in German and English. In future, changing special exhibitions are planned to complement the permanent exhibition.

Experience renewable raw materials with all your senses in the museum garden

The museum garden around the house invites visitors to explore and linger. The concept of "renewable raw materials" comes to life here, as there is a variety of different plants to marvel at, which are also part of the exhibition: Various types of grain, different oil plants and aromatic medicinal and spice plants. There are also insect-friendly flowering plants that are used to generate energy, plants whose fibres are used to produce fabrics and shrubs in which birds and other animals find both food and shelter. A natural oasis that is freely accessible and barrier-free, inviting the public to use it to explore or relax independently of a visit to the exhibition.

Passive house standard and innovative energy supply

Blick auf die Solarpanels auf dem Dach des NAWAREUMS.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger
Blick auf den modernen Bau des NAWAREUMS der komplett auf Holz besteht.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger
Blick in die Wärmepumpenanlage des Museums.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger

The modern NAWAREUM building is itself an exhibit. Visitors can get inspiration for sustainable building projects here. The 79 free-standing larch trunks on the south façade come from nearby Bodenmais. They were a gift from the Bavarian State Forests and communicate the theme of renewable raw materials to the outside world. The tree trunks symbolise an avenue along the glass façade. In the covered entrance area, the avenue widens into a small forest.

Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them.

Albert Einstein

The Passau State Building Authority acted as the property developer for the project. The aim was to reconcile the requirements of a museum building with the energy standard of a passive house. Wherever possible, the building components are constructed from renewable raw materials. The reason? While concrete emitsCO2 during its production, wood binds theCO2 from the air as it grows and thus represents a long-term carbon sink.

The building's heating and cooling is supplied by geothermal energy from around 40 geothermal probes in conjunction with a heat pump system. Supplemented by the use of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, the building's energy supply can be largely covered by renewable energy sources. The additional electricity required from the grid is also obtained from renewable sources. The passive house standard also includes particularly effective insulation of the exterior walls, floor and roof, triple-glazed windows and modern ventilation technology with heat recovery.

The NAWAREUM as part of the Competence Centre for Renewable Resources in Straubing

Eine Frau zeigt einem älteren Paar eine Schautafel zu Gemüsesorten.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger

The NAWAREUM is part of the Technology and Promotion Centre (TFZ), a research institution of the Free State of Bavaria. With its scientific findings, the TFZ aims to drive forward the energy and raw materials transition and thus protect the environment and climate. In addition to the TFZ, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. also work together in the Competence Centre for Renewable Resources (KoNaRo). The NAWAREUM complements this expertise with a low-threshold educational programme that shows everyday solutions and aims to get everyone excited about the energy and raw materials transition.

Shaping a sustainable future - an experience for everyone

Mehrere Personen stehen im Museumsgarten des NAWAREUMs und riehen an unterschiedlichen Planzen.
© NAWAREUM; Foto: Franziska Schrödinger

The NAWAREUM aims to be an open place that invites inspiration and exchange. To this end, there are regular events such as lectures, workshops, guided tours and excursions. Every first Thursday of the month, the so-called TauschBar takes place with changing themes. This means that different things such as clothes, board games or plants can be swapped every month. True to the motto: swapping used items is more sustainable than buying new ones!

Be the change you want to see in this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

The NAWAREUM has also tried to follow this maxim in its furnishings. When another museum discarded 100 used chairs, the NAWAREUM gratefully took them over and gave them a second life with a new coat of paint. Because visitors like to take a souvenir of their visit with them, the NAWAREUM runs a small museum shop where you can buy sustainable products as well as themed books. The range extends from regional handicrafts made from renewable raw materials to plastic-free cleaning products. Visitors can take home ideas for their everyday lives.

© Nawareum

Regular events at the NAWAREUM

TauschBar. Every first Thursday of the month at 5-7 pm. Participation free of charge. Different things are swapped every month, true to the motto: swapping used items is more sustainable than buying new ones!

You can find many more sustainable and unique events (external link, opens in a new window) on the homepage!

Identifying solutions and looking to the future with hope

"Many people feel helpless in the face of environmental destruction - the climate crisis, the destruction of habitats and the flood of waste on land and in the water are a major concern for many of us. At the NAWAREUM, we don't just want to provide information about these challenges, we also want to point out possible solutions and look to the future with a little more hope," says Dr Vanessa Roden, Director of the NAWAREUM.

The world is so beautiful and worth fighting for.

Ernest Hemingway

Get inspired on @nawareumstraubing (external link, opens in a new window)

You can find more inspiration on the topics of sustainability, the environment, renewable raw materials and renewable energy here!

A guest article by Benjamin Rowles, NAWAREUM